Review of “Ice Cream Magic” Maker: Too Good to Be True?

The temperatures may be freezing here in DC, but my ice-cream cravings know no season. Just this week, I finally got around to breaking out one of my favorite Christmas presents from my mom: Ice Cream Magic. You may have seen the commercial for this product on TV (perhaps many, many times), touting that Ice Cream Magic makes homemade ice cream in three minutes. While I tend to be skeptical of “As Seen On TV” products, I was excited to give this a shot. Heck, I figured, if Magic Ice Cream works, I could make single-servings of ice cream on weeknights (when I’m on my own with no one to share pints with).

Ice Cream Magic’s packaging is bright and cheery, enticing one to tear open the box and get into the fun…. Those kids in the pictures are having the time of their lives!

Inside the box, I found a small booklet with instructions and recipes for different ice-cream flavors. The formula was basically the same for each: some heavy or whipping cream, a dash of a flavor extract (usually vanilla), and some granulated sugar. If you’d like to add a mix in, you do so after shaking up the ice cream.

On this day, the Chocolate Chip Mint sounded great. I easily gathered the necessary ingredients around my kitchen:
– 1/4 cup whipping cream
– 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– chocolate chips

I measured out the ingredients into a mug and stuck it in the fridge (the booklet notes that ingredients should be very cold for best results) while I prepped the Ice Cream Magic contraption. After washing and drying the freezing bowl and ingredients lid (the parts which would touch the ice cream), I followed the instructions and filled the base with ice, four tablespoons salt, and four tablespoons of tap water. I then replaced the freezing bowl over the ice, poured in the chilled ingredients and secured the ingredients lid, and finally twisted the outside cover lid.

All parts assembled, I set my iPhone timer for three minutes and started shaking the Ice Cream Magic aggressively and continuously. And, wow, was it a good arm workout! But when my alarm went off, I shook the contraption for an extra minute for good measure. Then, I carefully unscrewed the cover and pulled off the ingredients lid…

That’s some sad-looking ice cream

The verdict? Ice Cream Magic is definitely NOT my idea of magic. Not only was it a fairly-tedious process to generate a measly half-cup of dessert, but the actual final product wasn’t even as thick as a milkshake — let alone real ice cream! I was disappointed, but I can’t say I was surprised. I advise any parents against purchasing Ice Cream Magic for your kids because — unless they like ice-cream soup — they will be sorely disappointed. Always the big kid, I was so frustrated with my lack of real ice cream that I pulled out my Cuisinart and made myself a full batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream. After the Magic Ice Cream fail, I nearly kissed my “big girl” ice-cream maker in gratitude.

The Stats:
Ice Cream Magic is sold online here and here

2 thoughts on “Review of “Ice Cream Magic” Maker: Too Good to Be True?

  1. David says:

    Mom & I are shocked….SHOCKED….that this device did not ‘live up to’ its TV claims!!(I would write more, but I need to dash off and cancel my recent “Thighmaster” order).


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