Frozen Yogurt’s Best Friend = Fran’s Caramel Sauce

Salted caramels. Candy-lovers across the country are praising the new salty/sweet trend.

Who started this salt + caramel craze? Many people point to Seattle’s premier chocolatier, Fran Bigelow, who has been pairing salt and caramel for years. Fran’s Chocolates gained notoriety in the other Washington (DC) thanks to President Obama, who is a big fan of Fran’s smoked salted caramels in milk chocolate. This signature Seattle confection is now being replicated by candy companies across the country. Even Trader Joe’s is getting in on the action.

I blame my constant cravings for Fran’s salted caramels on my boyfriend’s mother – who may just be a bigger chocolate fan than me (is that even possible?). The salt + caramel combo just didn’t call my name – until she bought me a fancy box of Fran’s smoked salt caramels in dark chocolate for Christmas. It was all over then. You simply can’t find fault with Fran’s salted caramels. The caramel is rich, buttery, and chewy. The dark chocolate is decadent – in that distinct “I know this isn’t Hershey’s” way. The sprinkle of premium smoked salt brings out the sweet in both. Hook, line, and sinker.

Last weekend, my boyfriend’s mother did it again:

Fran’s Classic Caramel Sauce

I knew this spelled trouble. My boyfriend’s mom is a whiz at frozen yogurt making in her Cuisinart, so she whipped some up using Greek Gods Honey Yogurt and a couple giant spoonfuls of Fran’s Classic Caramel Sauce.

But she wasn’t done yet. After 20 minutes of churning, she spooned frozen yogurt into bowls and topped them with generous globs of Fran’s Caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt. Fran would be proud.

Worthy of a President

The verdict? Fran’s Classic Caramel Sauce is thick, slightly grainy, and a bit chewy. It comes out easily from the jar but isn’t too runny (i.e. can be eaten by the spoonful straight from the jar!). The sweetly decadent caramel fills me with nostalgia – memories of making caramel apples in my parents’ kitchen. I’m already imagining different ways I can put Fran’s sauce to use. Any ideas would be appreciated in the Comments section 🙂

The Stats:
Fran’s Chocolates
Retail stores in Downtown Seattle, University Village and Bellevue 
You can purchase Fran’s Classic Caramel Sauce online here.

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